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Tommie helped me cut our CPL almost in half and I was able to scale from like $10k/day in adspend to $20k/day thus quadrupling our leads and sales.

Alex Becker Alex Becker

Tommie was single-handedly responsible from taking me from a struggling $5k a month business to finally doing $1M a year in revenue.

Kevin Kurgansky Kevin Kurgansky
The Breakup Doctor

Djamel Bettahar

From $1M To $30M In 3 Years

Liz Herrera

From $100K To Over $1M Per Month

Earnest Epps

Now Generating Over 7 Figures

Grant Findlay-Shirras

From $100K To $500K Per Month

Chad Hamzeh

From Scratch To Millions In Revenue

Tiffany Largie

Elite Video Ads Workshop Breakthrough

Matt Coleman

Hired By A Top YouTube Fitness Brand

Suresh May

Scaled To Multiple 5 Figures Per Month

Adura Sanya

4X Return With YouTube Ads Out The Gate

Tieron Spear

Now Generating Over $100K Per Month

Aaron Alexander

Elite Video Ads Workshop Breakthrough

Nate Andreshak

Getting 12 Cents Leads With YouTube Ads