How To Find Your Perfect Audience On YouTube

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This is something that I do that’s really cool.

Go to YouTube, plug in your best keyword on search.


Copy the link of the top ranking video. These two are ads, so you don’t want to hit those links, because those are Ads. This is the first organic result, right here.


Copy that link, take it, plug that video URL into Google Display Planner. Go pop that link in there, where it says, “Your Landing Page”?

Go open Google AdWords, you got to have an AdWords account to get Google Display Planner. Go to the Google Display Planner tool, pop that link in there, click “Get Ad Group Ideas”.


Then, you’re going to click something that says “Individual Targeting Tab”, and it’s going to open a whole new world for you.


Watch this. When you click that little tab up there, all of these little things are going to pop up right here.


It’s going to show you other keywords, but this is what I like even better.

It’s going to show you interests, look how specific these interests are. Now, you can actually go target these interests.

You got interests, and Google is telling you, “These are the interests relevant to this particular video”, which happens to be the most relevant video on YouTube, for the keyword that you put in.

Remember, this is the number one video. That means, this video is the most relevant video for that keyword.


Now, they’re going to give you interests. They’re going to give you topics.


They’re going to give you the demographics. It just opens up a whole new world.


It’s a beautiful thing. I love this strategy.

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